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Comprehensive Summits On The Air database and spotting tool
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SOTA Goat is an all-in-one utility for Summits On The Air activators and chasers.

It was designed from the ground up as an invaluable tool for summit activators – it's as necessary as your transceiver and power supply!

The database of over 55,000 summits is instantly available at your fingertips – no Internet connection necessary. Search by summit name, location, or use the handy map if you want to browse summits in a particular area. Summits can be marked as Favorites, providing a shortcut for future reference.

Mountain Goats and Shack Sloths alike will also appreciate the ability to view and share summit activations and signal reports from SOTAwatch3. Spot your friends, spot yourself, and do whatever you can to get more points!

SOTA Goat is a Universal app that is available for all devices that support iOS 6, including iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


  • Download the latest summit database at any time – useful when a new association becomes available, or to get the latest activation info.
  • The summit database is available offline. See activation points, altitude, location, grid square, and more!
  • Filter summits by name, association, or distance to your current location. Searching is done offline and is very fast.
  • SOTA spots and alerts are pulled from SOTAwatch and are presented in a native device interface that is fast and cross-indexed with the offline summit database.
  • Timestamps can be displayed in UTC or local time. Switch between metric and imperial units.

Some Example Uses

  • Going on a trip? Use the map to see which summits are near your destination and star them for later.
  • Add new spots and alerts from right inside the app! Easily self-spot while you're out on the mountain.
  • If you're in the shack, keep the Spots or Alerts view open to see the latest updates in real time – your device won't fall asleep.
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